What if there really was an Underworld?

I am not talking here about hell. I personally believe there is one but it what form I am not sure of. For me I am not so concerned with the construction of a thing but rather does the construction have a existence.

However what if there is an underworld? It doesn’t have to be a literal underground thing but something that exist under the radar so to speak. A scary group who is mingling in with the crowd, keeping out of sight. Waiting for the moment when it time to reveal themselves and unleash fury.

There is precedent for such things in history. Another word for it would be a revolution. I don’t know if every revolution has been successful but they American Revolution gets capitalized for a reason no?

The American Revolution story though has a different feel to it. It was more of a group of people who had grown used to the idea of freedom and liberty as nature intended and when it was infringed upon they rebelled.

It is a curious thing what happens when you give a man certain liberties. Freedom becomes oxygen and you need to breathe freely to live.

Going back to the underworld I am thinking of today and what could the next revolution look like?

Will it be a group that is educated? Will it be a group who desires chaos over solution or substance?

Will it had merit and solid premise to launch from? I wonder if we are holding at bay a seething swarm of zombies or vampires who just need a little spark to set them aflame.

I guess it is all theory right now but from experience sometimes movies will mirror or echo society as whole and set the stage for actual moments.

We will have to wait and see.

Meanwhile watch the movie and see how you can prepare for such an uprising.

I will see you on the other side.