Awakening the Souls

Talking and watching movies about souls and spirits can be a little scary. Even for people who like that kind of thing. I think it is because many are not sure if there is a soul or spirit . 

Certainly if you are just a natural selection kind of person then you wouldn’t believe in souls. How many movies are made like that thought? Wouldn’t be very scary.

I read this one story the other day that could really make for a scary movie.

There was this guy who was at a house for a roof inspection. The said that every time it rained it would hear noises in his attic so he wanted to see if water was getting in somewhere. The roofer was happy too naturally since roof repair was what he did for a living.

When he entered the attic though some strange things began to happen. At first he noticed the light burnt out as soon as he pulled the string. He then went for his flashlight and proceeded forward a few feet until the pitch of the roof made him stop. He had this eerie feeling that he was being watched. As he flashed his light around the ceiling to see if he could see anything out of the ordinary he noticed green eyes peering at him! They blinked once and then disappeared! He jerked back a little and thought someone was playing a little joke on him. He asked the owner below when the last time he was in the attic. The owner responded, “Never”.

The roofer decided to hurry up his little inspection and then be on his way. He got down low to crawl to the outer areas of the roof to assess the damage. As he got to one corner he noticed hand prints in black on the rafters. He thought they must of been left there from when the roof was first built. He had seen it before where a roofer would get tar on his hands and then inadvertently leave behind a print.

As he crawled backwards he noticed the green eyes blinking at him again and then go out.

Now he was a little freaked out. He decided this was for another roofing company to figure out. He descended the ladder and told the owner he didn’t see anything wrong with his roof and maybe it was just a fluke.

The owner told him that his deceased wife used to use her loom whenever it rained as it was a way to stay busy when stuck indoors. He put it in the attic when she passed away and wondered if sometimes the noise during the rain was her working on the loom again.

The roofer said he wasn’t so sure as he didn’t believe ghosts. He thought he would ask though, “What were the color of her eyes?”

The owner looked confused and replied, “Green”.

The roofer was never seen again. He simply left town and moved and no one knew where.

How is that for a awakening?