Are you Kidding Me?

I have come up with a crazy movie that can be used in an underworld fashion.

Instead of the dead coming from the underground it would be – bugs!

Come on I am sure it has already been done but I don’t recall a movie where bugs coming back from the dead. Just imagine the puss and guts oozing out of it’s body as it crawls around looking for a new host.

Imagine a cemetery fully loaded with creepy crawlies coming for their revenge.

mob of bugs┬áIt’s guaranteed to freak anyone out for sure. I have to be honest that it wasn’t totally my idea. My friend has a lawn spraying and pest control company and he deals with bugs everyday. He swears he has seen bugs come back from life underground and thinks a movie would totally make fear freaks happy.

And you could do different kind of bugs as well. There are so many kinds and some more scarier than others.

So I think we will work on a script! Stay tuned and keep the underworld happy!