Are Vampires good or bad?

It is a good question. Going back to old days vampires were bad. Really bad. Dram Stokers Dracula set the stage for years that blood suckers were evil and dangerous.

When you think about it all it is doing i mimic-ing the vampire bats or at the very basic, mosquitos. The little blood suckers definitely leave their mark albeit with one less hole.

The desire for blood is throughout history a common thing. Ancient civilizations always saw it as your “life” when you spoke of blood. Many cultures used blood as way to form a covenant between two parties. Shedding blood was a sign of commitment.

While it definitely true that our blood is vital to life, I am not sure I want to be cutting up goats to make a commitment to somebody today. Let’s just sign a contract and leave it at that.

Anyway back to vampires. I have notice lately that there has been a shift in the view of blood sucking creatures.

What if they don’t want to be that way? What if they rather be normal? Now we see movies depicting vampires struggling to be what they are not and trying to fit into society and resist the urge when they see a lovely neck.

Just the other day I saw my daughters reading a book by Disney where is had a title, “My Story”.

Maleficant in Sleeping Beauty was attempting to justify her actions in the movie and felt it was all a misunderstanding. It is cute trying to revive an old movie but really?

Now we are teaching our kids that we have had out enemies viewed the wrong way all this time. Now we need to consider their feelings on the matter. Listen to their side. I fear this approach will hurt the culture overall.

We have already seen this with the current administration. We can’t call terrorist who they really are anymore. There is always another straw man to blame. We can’t call justice for those who suffer because we just don’t understand what the pain the terrorist is going through.

Instead of black and white is a very muddled grey with lines of black and white becoming smaller and smaller.

However I like that even when we try to reassign the roles of who our enemies are we still look for a hero and justice. Underworld Awakening has those elements and every movie will suffer if don’t resolve to that central theme.

Yet at what cost? Does it affect us enough individually to alter our view of reality? Do we know what evil is?

I say leave it to the way we’ve always known but at the same time view humanity with compassion. We are all trying to push our way through the crap pile and make sense of this world.

But we should call evil for what it is. If someone creates havoc that destroys the fabric of order they should be taken out, whether jail or death.

Rehabilitation can only go so far.

So are vampires good?

I say no. What say you?