Are you Kidding Me?

I have come up with a crazy movie that can be used in an underworld fashion.

Instead of the dead coming from the underground it would be – bugs!

Come on I am sure it has already been done but I don’t recall a movie where bugs coming back from the dead. Just imagine the puss and guts oozing out of it’s body as it crawls around looking for a new host.

Imagine a cemetery fully loaded with creepy crawlies coming for their revenge.

mob of bugs It’s guaranteed to freak anyone out for sure. I have to be honest that it wasn’t totally my idea. My friend has a lawn spraying and pest control company and he deals with bugs everyday. He swears he has seen bugs come back from life underground and thinks a movie would totally make fear freaks happy.

And you could do different kind of bugs as well. There are so many kinds and some more scarier than others.

So I think we will work on a script! Stay tuned and keep the underworld happy!

Awakening the Souls

Talking and watching movies about souls and spirits can be a little scary. Even for people who like that kind of thing. I think it is because many are not sure if there is a soul or spirit . 

Certainly if you are just a natural selection kind of person then you wouldn’t believe in souls. How many movies are made like that thought? Wouldn’t be very scary.

I read this one story the other day that could really make for a scary movie.

There was this guy who was at a house for a roof inspection. The said that every time it rained it would hear noises in his attic so he wanted to see if water was getting in somewhere. The roofer was happy too naturally since roof repair was what he did for a living.

When he entered the attic though some strange things began to happen. At first he noticed the light burnt out as soon as he pulled the string. He then went for his flashlight and proceeded forward a few feet until the pitch of the roof made him stop. He had this eerie feeling that he was being watched. As he flashed his light around the ceiling to see if he could see anything out of the ordinary he noticed green eyes peering at him! They blinked once and then disappeared! He jerked back a little and thought someone was playing a little joke on him. He asked the owner below when the last time he was in the attic. The owner responded, “Never”.

The roofer decided to hurry up his little inspection and then be on his way. He got down low to crawl to the outer areas of the roof to assess the damage. As he got to one corner he noticed hand prints in black on the rafters. He thought they must of been left there from when the roof was first built. He had seen it before where a roofer would get tar on his hands and then inadvertently leave behind a print.

As he crawled backwards he noticed the green eyes blinking at him again and then go out.

Now he was a little freaked out. He decided this was for another roofing company to figure out. He descended the ladder and told the owner he didn’t see anything wrong with his roof and maybe it was just a fluke.

The owner told him that his deceased wife used to use her loom whenever it rained as it was a way to stay busy when stuck indoors. He put it in the attic when she passed away and wondered if sometimes the noise during the rain was her working on the loom again.

The roofer said he wasn’t so sure as he didn’t believe ghosts. He thought he would ask though, “What were the color of her eyes?”

The owner looked confused and replied, “Green”.

The roofer was never seen again. He simply left town and moved and no one knew where.

How is that for a awakening?



What if there really was an Underworld?

I am not talking here about hell. I personally believe there is one but it what form I am not sure of. For me I am not so concerned with the construction of a thing but rather does the construction have a existence.

However what if there is an underworld? It doesn’t have to be a literal underground thing but something that exist under the radar so to speak. A scary group who is mingling in with the crowd, keeping out of sight. Waiting for the moment when it time to reveal themselves and unleash fury.

There is precedent for such things in history. Another word for it would be a revolution. I don’t know if every revolution has been successful but they American Revolution gets capitalized for a reason no?

The American Revolution story though has a different feel to it. It was more of a group of people who had grown used to the idea of freedom and liberty as nature intended and when it was infringed upon they rebelled.

It is a curious thing what happens when you give a man certain liberties. Freedom becomes oxygen and you need to breathe freely to live.

Going back to the underworld I am thinking of today and what could the next revolution look like?

Will it be a group that is educated? Will it be a group who desires chaos over solution or substance?

Will it had merit and solid premise to launch from? I wonder if we are holding at bay a seething swarm of zombies or vampires who just need a little spark to set them aflame.

I guess it is all theory right now but from experience sometimes movies will mirror or echo society as whole and set the stage for actual moments.

We will have to wait and see.

Meanwhile watch the movie and see how you can prepare for such an uprising.

I will see you on the other side.

Are Vampires good or bad?

It is a good question. Going back to old days vampires were bad. Really bad. Dram Stokers Dracula set the stage for years that blood suckers were evil and dangerous.

When you think about it all it is doing i mimic-ing the vampire bats or at the very basic, mosquitos. The little blood suckers definitely leave their mark albeit with one less hole.

The desire for blood is throughout history a common thing. Ancient civilizations always saw it as your “life” when you spoke of blood. Many cultures used blood as way to form a covenant between two parties. Shedding blood was a sign of commitment.

While it definitely true that our blood is vital to life, I am not sure I want to be cutting up goats to make a commitment to somebody today. Let’s just sign a contract and leave it at that.

Anyway back to vampires. I have notice lately that there has been a shift in the view of blood sucking creatures.

What if they don’t want to be that way? What if they rather be normal? Now we see movies depicting vampires struggling to be what they are not and trying to fit into society and resist the urge when they see a lovely neck.

Just the other day I saw my daughters reading a book by Disney where is had a title, “My Story”.

Maleficant in Sleeping Beauty was attempting to justify her actions in the movie and felt it was all a misunderstanding. It is cute trying to revive an old movie but really?

Now we are teaching our kids that we have had out enemies viewed the wrong way all this time. Now we need to consider their feelings on the matter. Listen to their side. I fear this approach will hurt the culture overall.

We have already seen this with the current administration. We can’t call terrorist who they really are anymore. There is always another straw man to blame. We can’t call justice for those who suffer because we just don’t understand what the pain the terrorist is going through.

Instead of black and white is a very muddled grey with lines of black and white becoming smaller and smaller.

However I like that even when we try to reassign the roles of who our enemies are we still look for a hero and justice. Underworld Awakening has those elements and every movie will suffer if don’t resolve to that central theme.

Yet at what cost? Does it affect us enough individually to alter our view of reality? Do we know what evil is?

I say leave it to the way we’ve always known but at the same time view humanity with compassion. We are all trying to push our way through the crap pile and make sense of this world.

But we should call evil for what it is. If someone creates havoc that destroys the fabric of order they should be taken out, whether jail or death.

Rehabilitation can only go so far.

So are vampires good?

I say no. What say you?

Awakening the Underworld

Hey fans of Underworld Awakening!

This movie has humans, vampires and lycans. It is a futuristic scene but not really set in the future. It is really dark as most vampire movies tend to be.

It mostly resembles the Hunger Games Trilogy or the Divergent series where there is a heroine rather than a hero. Bad-ass women who are fighting the injustice and making changes by their will.

In life are we not waking up from an underworld? Not trying to get philosophical but it seems we all go through this phase at some point.

Anyway keep your eyes peeled as I open this can of worms.